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The Impossible Film – Possible

The Impossible Film – Possible

Finally tried out the PX100 film from the "Impossible Project" on the SX-70 Polaroid. I was so excited that the SX-70 actually worked! Love the sound of the film getting ejected from the camera, that's something modern cameras can never reproduce. 

According to Mijonju, the PX100 film is extremely sensitive to heat. This film is supposed to be work best at temperature below 20ºC and first 10 seconds of taking the picture is most crucial as the film is still sensitive to light. So for my little experiment, I had the aircon blasting at 20ºC and pointing straight at my table. Once the film is ejected out, I immediately turned it over and left it on the table under the aircon to let it develop. It was fun (to the point of being hilarious), and I do wonder valtrex online uk does that mean that I can never get outdoor with this film? Let's see how it goes. 

At US$22/- a pack for 8 pictures, that works out to about SGD$3.80 per picture, this is certainly not cheap. Hope the price will get a little more affordable if this gets more mainstream.   

The Impossible Project has just released a new colour version of the film, PX70 FF Color Shade. Apparently this new film no longer have the problem of being too sensitive to heat. I'm gonna give it a try soon.  The 2+1 triple pack is now going for US$44/-.