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HK Day 3: 陸羽 = 下雨

HK Day 3: 陸羽 = 下雨




Today is definitely the “toughest” day for this trip.

Let’s start from the top (good part of the day) … we went to Luk Yu Tea House (陸羽茶室) in Central, just off Stanley, for dim sum brunch. A Michelin recommended restaurant, Luk Yu is a popular “old school” dim sum place that’s full of charm and definitely serves one of the best dim sum I’ve ever had. The “old man gang” of waiters in their 60s can be a little intimidating, but actually they are quite polite and nice.

I think what makes the dim sum here so good is the fresh and quality ingredient. Portions are generous, authentic taste. We had like 8-9 different types of dim sum and the bill came up to about HK$500/- (SGD$88/-).

陸羽茶室 - Pig Liver 陸羽茶室 - beef ball with tangerine

陸羽茶室 - best dim sum in my opinion. Michelin recommended restaurant

陸羽茶室 – best dim sum in my opinion. Michelin recommended restaurant


Luk Yu Tea House
No.24-26 Danli Street, Central, Hong Kong, China
Tel: +852 2523 5463

When I was walking around the restaurant taking photos, I overheard a lady talking on the phone saying something about “luk yu”, with my limited Cantonese, I actually thought she was saying that it’s raining “??“ before I realised she was actually telling the other person she’s at “??”, but true enough, within minutes of leaving the restaurant, it started to rain. Put it this way, it did not just rain, it went on raining for the next one plus day and it went from a signal 1 to a signal 3 tropical cyclone, with a looming typhoon for the entire day.

Regardless, we persisted, with umbrella, poncho, we walked up ?? and made it to the Lomo shop along Hollywood Walk.  ??  was supposed to be a really interesting area with some unique streets selling traditional stuff, designer stuff and even coffins. But because of the rain, we did not explore much and certainly no chance for photos at all. 🙁

We ended the day early at around 4pm and headed back to the hotel as we were worried that the storm will build up and we will end up stuck somewhere generic valtrex drug interactions with the little one.


百樂潮州 - 鹵水千層峰, 滷水鵝片

百樂潮州 – 鹵水千層峰, 滷水鵝片

Dinner was at Pak Loh Chiu Chow (Teochew) restaurant within Elements mall. Food here is simply fantastic! The ???? is definitely the best I ever had, soft and moist. Thinking about it now makes me hungry. What else was good? The ??????? was “power”, peppery but not overpowering. ????? was fresh and delicious.  What’s most interesting was the ????? , it’s not your usual Er fu noodles. This was fried like a pancake and you have it with sugar and black vinegar. Yum!

Our total bill came up to HK$652/- (SGD$115/-), well worth it!

百樂潮州 -糖醋面 百樂潮州 - 鲳鱼

Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant
Shop 1028D, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, HK
Tel: +852 3691 9168


Well, the day had the end with a big bang, literary. At about 1.15am, I was woken up from my sleep by sirens. Initially, I thought it was just fire engine or some emergency vehicle passing by the nearby roads, it went on for a while and I realised it seems to be really nearby and it was not going away. Got out of bed, from my window I can see the port area just opposite our hotel is now packed with six fire engines, 4 ambulances and a bunch of other vehicles. There are also a couple of rescue boats in the waters nearby with lights turned on scanning the water surface. Shortly after, around 1.25am, a huge bright explosion litted up the entire sky. Apparently a boat carrying recycling metal materials docked at the harbour area caught fire, while the fire fighters were putting out the fire, there was a huge explosion, forcing fire fighters and crew to jump into the sea to escape. 18 people, including 12 fire fighters were injured.

HK Explosion

(Pictures from someone’s facebook)

HK Day 2: Australia Dairy, Festive China

HK Day 2: Australia Dairy, Festive China

Australian Dairy Company

This place is as popular as ever, it was packed and a long (but fast moving) queue was formed right outside the shop by the time we arrived for late breakfast. They are supposed to be famous for their scrambled eggs. Perhaps it’s a novelty thing, this being our 2nd time here, we really didn’t think the egg or milk were exceptionally good. It was just alright. This place is not cheap, 2 set breakfast, additional order of scrambled egg toast, 2 steamed milk pudding set us back about HK$140/-.

Australian Dairy Company Australian Dairy Company

Australia Dairy Company
47 Parkes Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China2730-1356
Tel: +852 2730 1356


Festive Walk - Fish

We wanted to dine here really badly. They served really good Beijing cuisine at affordable generic valtrex india prices and we enjoyed it very much the last time we were here. We couldn’t get a dinner reservation by the time we got there at around 4pm, so we simply turned up at the restaurant just before 6pm, and we got ourselves a table. 🙂

We had a steamed yellow fish which was fantastic, and of course my favourite dish here, which is the roast lamb).

Total bill came up to HK$530 (SGD$95).

Festive Walk - FishFestive Walk - Lamb

Festive China
Shop 29, LG1, Festive Walk,
80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2180 8908