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Shanghai July 2011

Shanghai July 2011

We did a short 6-day trip to Shanghai back in July without the little one. While traveling without the little one was certainly a good decision, it was difficult mending ties with her after we got back. 🙂 Veve went through several nights of nightmares and closely followed by a bad flu after we got back. The little girl probably felt abandoned and needed to put enough guilt in us to ensure we will never ever leave her behind again.

Back to the trip, on the second day, Mr Heatwave decided to bless us with a 37ºC week. It was unbearable having to down bottles of water every hour, and not to mention the abrasion between my thighs that need powdering ever often (details best left behind in Shanghai).


Old streets along ??

Because of the Expo earlier this year, great part of Shanghai was revamped and renewed. What valtrex online usa that also mean is losing a huge part of Shanghai’s charm … the old ???  houses. We stayed at Hotel Indigo along the bund which is overlooking ?? that’s 2 streets away. ?? is ever touristy, but we were lucky to discover a few old streets that was nicely left untouched by the new developments.


Old streets along ??


???? - Sunday Dance

Sunday crowd at ???? was amazing, lots of dancing, singing, martial arts …

???? - Choir

Watching the “old man” jazz band at Peace Hotel ???? was certainly a dream come true. While they certainly don’t play the best jazz, the attitude, the looks (age), occasional off pitch, rushing drummer, completes the package 🙂 I’m glad to have watch them in this lifetime. And I do wonder what kind of BCP they have in mind. Judging from the age, I suspect a couple of them will be going home soon.