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Veve’s first bike

Veve’s first bike

East Coast Road Safety Park

We have wanted to get her a bike for sometime now. Since her birthday is coming up, we decided to get it earlier so that she can max out the fun during her school term break.

We got the Trek Mystic 16 from Treknology Bikes at Jalan Kilang Barat. It’s a pretty solid bike, a lot heavier than it looks. The weight definitely makes it a lot more stable as well.

She was thrilled! Insisting on going one round in the car park when we got home in the night. And the next day, we went to TWO parks can i order valtrex online just for her to cycle. First was Pasir Ris park, after that we headed to the Road Safety Park at East Coast.

For those of us of a “certain generation”, the East Coast Road Safety Park certainly brings back lot’s of fond memories. Well, the place is a little run down now even though it’s been updated with stuff like 7-Eleven store in the Shell petrol station. It’s open to public for free.

East Coast Road Safety ParkEast Coast Road Safety ParkEast Coast Road Safety Park