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I heart zinio

I heart zinio

Zinio is simply god sent 🙂 Combined with iPad, I'm getting (almost) all the magazines I want, CHEAP!

I have since subscribed to

  1. Macworld – 12 issues for US$19.97
  2. Esquire – 12 issues for US8
  3. Maxim – 12 issues for US$5
  4. PC Mag – 12 issues for US$5
  5. Marie Claire (for wifi) – 12 issues for US$8

Each issue is pushed down automatically when available within the Zinio app. This model is something that I totally agree – low subscription rate + auto push within app. Wired really got it all wrong … $4.99 (now $3.99) per issue and requires an app update each time, that generic valtrex not effective just doesn't make sense. For that I will wait for it be made "available" via Apptrackr.

Zinio, can you please add Wired and Fast Company?

For newspapers, I'm still trying out PressReader. While I did temporarily terminated my International Herald Tribune (IHT) subscription for my Kindle while I try this out, I'm not 100% sure yet if this will be a good replacement. Partly because they don't have the Asian edition of IHT which I much prefer. But if this works out well, then my only problem left is … what am I going to do with my Kindle?