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Real B&W finally … luv it

Real B&W finally … luv it

veve attempting a scary face

Finally, The Impossible Project has produced a real B&W Polaroid film. Not only that, the new black border film actually turned out pretty nice. 🙂 These pictures were taken with the new PX600 generic valtrex white pill Silver Shade UV+ on a SLR690. The pictures are really sharp and it's no longer that sensitive to light getting in the way during the development process. 

Real B&W Finally - luv it!

Iain Sinclair EON Extreme Floodlight – The Lie

Iain Sinclair EON Extreme Floodlight – The Lie

While I don’t usually complain about bad merchants (partly because I seldom encounter any), this one really got me pissed.

You know how recently a lot of startups or inventors will come up with a great idea, post the idea online and get early buyers to “invest” by paying for the item in advance. With that, the inventor gathers the necessary funds to manufacture the item and the early buyer typically gets a small discount. Back in Dec 2010, I read about Iain Sinclair coming up with this great credit card sized LED flashlight called the EON on a couple of tech blogs. The specs were good, and being a gadget sucker, I took the bait. Pay £25 instead of £50 if I pay for it then and they promise to deliver by Mar 2011, else full refund. Seems like a no-brainer, since there is even a full refund.


Iain Sinclair EON Floodlight

Fast forward to Mar 2011 … the torch din quite arrive. Instead, I received this email from them.

Dear Customer

Many thanks for being one of very first customers to place a deposit for one of our exciting new products.

We received many thousands of orders from all over the world and had to rapidly design and implement a new, super robust, cloud based online store to handle the staggering demand and subsequent traffic to our server(s).

Our new online store is now complete and ready to accept full payment for your valtrex price without prescription order(s) and we have instructed Paypal to refund your deposit immediately. We have also implemented the highest level of age verification software to help control the supply of some utility products in certain territories.

Please click here to complete your order process using the new system.

And  guess what? When I click on the link, I was now told that now I need to pay £40 for the torch! Hey, what happen to the promise of £25? I immediately emailed them, and this is what I got.

Iain Sinclair - No Deal

Iain Sinclair Email 2

Iain Sinclair - Sorry we don't care

Iain Sinclair - Screw you customer


Out of the blue, the early reservation payment now became just about  to “secure place in the order queue only”. And basically what Grant Sinclair was saying is … it’s a great deal, great product, take it or leave it. I’m already giving you a £10 discount, stop complaining. What a horrible way to treat your customers? In this case, customers that believed in you, gave you money in advance and you took them for a ride. I have no idea how many people ordered and paid in advanced like me, but if there were a good sizable quantity, the early funds essentially became interest free working capital for them.

Yes … technically they did not cheat since they gave a full refund. But they certainly broke a promise. Bad way to do business. So beware, and decide for yourself if you want to support bad merchant like this.

Day @ Chinatown

Day @ Chinatown

Went shooting in Chinatown with my Leica M3 and a roll of Kentmere 400.


Yong tau fu stall at the basement of Chinatown market. I was attracted by the big ??? signage, looked so unreal in a Singapore market. The man at the left did not appear too happy with me taking a picture of his stall. After I was done, I just smiled and walked off quickly. Love how the shot generic valtrex vs brand name turned out, especially the lighting and shadow around the stall.


He knew I was watching him as I took a while to wait for the crowd to clear before taking the shot. When I finally lifted up my camera, he put on a really sweet smile. *nice*

B&W Tiong Bahru

B&W Tiong Bahru

@Tiong Bahru

Went through a roll of expired (2005) Kodak Professional BW400CN film on the Leica M3. The film came free with one of the earlier camera purchase on eBay. Have to say that I like cipla generic valtrex reviews this film very much, very fine grains and rich tones.  Development was done at Fotohub and scanned at 16 base high res. 

@Tiong Bahru @Tiong Bahru

Leica – that I can’t have

Leica – that I can’t have

Well, clearly I want a M9, but surely I can't afford it. Probably I should consider a M8 or M8.2. But why should I spend so much for a digital camera? Afterall it's not going to last a lifetime, as of how a traditional Leica should.

So I'm back thinking of film. A MP will be nice is there a generic valtrex (still too expensive), M6 is at the very attractive price range of US$1.5K-$1.8K, but M7 is probably right at the sweet spot now, aperture priority auto exposure, TTL, around US$2.5K.

I "need" a black M7.

Leica M7


Then I need to think about the lens … 

Mido Cafe 美都餐室 @ Temple Street

Mido Cafe 美都餐室 @ Temple Street

Mido Cafe ???? @ Temple Street
Shot with Leica M3 on Lomo 800 film

This trip, without the little girl, was a very different one. We did a lot more walking (Central to Sheung Wan to Sai Wan and back, online valtrex generic easily clocking 5-6km), and eating at more "local" places that typically is not going to be child friendly. Good fun, but again, too short.