How my world changed.

How my world changed.

Covid 19 changed the world quite a bit. No idea what’s gonna happen from here since we are still right in the smack of it now.

I want to capture a list of (sometimes small) changes in my life, just so that we may have something nostalgic to look (laugh) at 10 years from now.



Working from home is now the norm. I started sometime just after the Lunar New Year, today is the 19th of April, that means I have been doing this almost 2 months now. It’s hard to be motivated, it’s hard to do conversations, it’s hard to get things done, and I’m about to go crazy.

My work desk

Rearranged my work desk. Gotten a new portable display for the work Surface Pro

Battle Station

When I am on a conference call, a Google routinely turns the light strip in the living room red when I say “Activate Battle Station”


Hoarders, Singapore Edition

It’s now embarrassingly fashionable to hoard. Lines formed up at the supermarkets quickly whenever any rumours of supply cut or movement controls.

Supermarket queue

Railway mall 1.30am

Railway Mall

Me rushing to buy organic vegetables for the kids just before Malaysia closes its borders.

Stock Pile

Phyllis did quite a good job stocking up at home and I did an even better job creating an inventory system using airtable, complete with barcoding and expiry date tracking. 🙂

Going outdoors

Socialising distancing is the new in-thing … and oh yes, and then there is “Circuit Breaker”.

Everyone is going outdoors to stay healthy suddenly.

Henderson Waves

5km Henderson Waves

Sembawang Hot Spring

Sembawang Hot Spring

Treetop walk

The tiring 7km Treetop Walk


We bought our first game console after … 13 years?

It’s getting too unbearable to stay at home without much to do other than work, eat, sleep, online shopping, TV.

Nintendo Switch

Switch and my games ..

Consumer no more. Yes, salesman

At work, consumer business got scaled back with the new incoming GCEO. Not happy, but not unexpected.

And, strangely enough, I have now taken over the sales & marketing team, and that’s on top of my product portfolio. And, did I say I’m not a salesperson?

Conference Call

The new norm … conference calls day in and day out

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