Soprano Saxophone

Soprano Saxophone

My search has not been terribly successful so far.  Went by Swee Lee today and turned out that they carry nothing but Selmer and it's gonna cost easiy SGD$7K and above, way above my budget. Another shop at Bras Brasah had a couple of low end China models going at SGD$700 … I'm not touching that though. 

Dinner, we went by Tampines, hoping to take a look at Yamaha, turned out they are out of stock for sopranos. ;(

My best chance now seems to be a Antigua SS3282LQ which is a copy of Yanagisawa. Kessler Music is having a sale and selling this at US$849. Good price, within budget. Good reviews so far. Seriously tempted, but I'm going to force myself to cool off for another month before deciding. Afterall I have waited close to 20 years, one more month won't hurt. LOL

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