First day in London

First day in London
Heathrow Express

Heathrow Express

13 hours of flying later, had to wait another hour before I could get onto land. First the gate was occupied, a good 30 minutes delay. Next, the new air bridge failed, had to wait for the ground crew to send in the mobile stairs. So by the time I got out, it was already 4pm London time. Good one hour behind schedule.

Taking the Heathrow Express was rather effortless. 15 minutes I was already in city centre. 5 minutes taxi ride got me to Cumberland, Marble Arch.

The hotel lobby is impressive. Large, modern and stylish. While the room is rather small, it’s nice, clean and very well equipped. 29’ Philips LCD TV!!!

Cumberland Hotel

Cumberland Hotel @ Marble Arch

The hotel is at the west end of Oxford Street, right beside the Marble Arch metro station. Took a walk down Oxford street, within 10 minutes, I found all the places I need to go … Marks generic valtrex pill identifier & Spence, Selfridges, Zara … but all closed. It was already 6.30pm. I think I covered about 2km on foot. Not exactly very exciting since most of the shops were closed.

Had a really hard time finding food. Since I was not willing to compromise with KFC and MacDonald’s, had to abandon the main street and explore the side lanes. Eventually found a decent mid size restaurant. Had my first original UK fish & chips!!! Can’t say it’s delicious, but definitely comfort food. Major jet lag, was already falling asleep while trying to finish the fish.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street

Expenses for the day
1. BK latte at Paddington: £1.24 (For loose change)
2. Taxi from Paddington to Cumberland: £6
3. Fish & Chips, Diet Coke at Garfunkels @ Duke Street: £10
4. Salmon & Egg Sandwich from Pret (Supper): £2.74

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