Day Two in London

Day Two in London
Oxford Street

Shopping @ Oxford Street

Was done with work about 5. Decided to do some good shopping at Oxford Street. Since I was a the east end of Oxford, at Shaftesbury, Charing Cross, decided to do a long walk and end off at the west end, where my hotel is.

Amazingly, 45 minutes later, I was done. There is nothing that I could afford! Everything is so expensive when you multiply it by 3. Cheapest pair of Clarks online pharmacy for valtrex shoes cost £39.99 That’s like SGD$120, and it wasn’t even nice. ?

By then, I was starving. Looked around, nothing but sandwiches. *Arggghhhh* I want something hot and soupy!!! Decent steak at Angus is going to cost £29. Sorry, I only have SGD$70 meal budget a day. In the end, I ended up buying KFC (at least there is meat) and went back to the hotel to eat. Sad day.

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