Congratulations! You’re Rich! (if you’re dead)

Congratulations! You’re Rich! (if you’re dead)

Received an exclusive offer from AIG today. I think it’s supposed to be a good thing, so I should be happy.

Enjoy S$1/2 Million Coverage for Accidental Death With Just An Additional S$1 a month
As a gesture of our appreciation, we are pleased to offer you The Preferred ONE Plan. This personal accident plan is designed to help … in the event of an unfortunate accident. The good news doesn’t stop there. With an additional $1 a month, your protection increases from $150,000 to $1/2 million.

I can’t help but notice that they are asking me to “enjoy” my death. And the “good news” generic valtrex online canada doesn’t stop there, if I decide not to be too stingy and give $1 a month (not more, just a dollar), I will enjoy my death even more. So you see, it’s really the ONE preferred way to die. I should be happy.

Oh yah … one more benefit

+ A pair of Delifrance Meal Vouchers* upon successful enrolment of Plan.
* A pair of vouchers per policy, regardless of individual or couple plan enrolled. While stocks last.

Just to be sure I don’t die a hungry ghost.


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