$219 shoe shopping spree

$219 shoe shopping spree

Timberland Shoes

7 days … 4 pairs of Timberland. What happened?

First, in preparation of our China trip, bought a pair of brown low-cut Timberland boots from Isetan for SGD$219 last Sunday. Did found it a little expensive, but since I have got a $50 voucher from HSBC and a $10 Isetan voucher (dun know from where), figured that $159 wasn’t that bad. So I was happy.

Then yesterday (Friday), Timberland started a sale at Isetan. Phyllis went by early in the morning and managed to find a pair of mid-cut boots, which looks almost identical to the pair I bought except that it’s higher cut … for $99. *damn* What the heck, she bought it and we were planning to return the previous one.

So we went by this afternoon, returned the first pair and got a refund note of $219. We were is generic valtrex expensive thinking, oh my, how’re we ever going to find something to buy to use up the refund note. surprise surprise …

Earlier in the day, Phyllis’ parents found a pair of black mid-cut boots at the Timberland sale for $69. They thought it was a really good deal so got the cashier to keep it for me. Went by, not bad, definitely worth it since I dun have any casual black shoes. Couple of mins later, I found another pair of really cute looking brown loafers … $99 … can’t resist.

almost there … got another Timberland shirt $49 … a $2.70 steamer plate (to make up to $219). In the end … another 70 cents later, I ended up with 3 pairs of Timberland shooes, one Timberland shirt and a food steamer plate. 🙂

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  1. well…if you think he can’t count…well…

    erm…anyway the 4 pairs of shoes includes one of mine i think…

    and the other timberland goodies he got over the weekend include a pure wool scarf and a neck travel wallet…

    think we gotta start looking for more shoes storage space!

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