What happened to Blogger or Singnet?

What happened to Blogger or Singnet?

Was not able to blog since Thursday … the posting page just time out for Firefox and IE will load the page but with the toolbar of the editor all screwed up. Yet at the same time, no problem if I post via email. At first I thought the problem was with Blogger and should go away in a couple of hours, but apparently not. Today is the 4th day and it’s still not working. I asked Jim if he was having the same problem, buy valtrex for cold sores strange enough, he was not, he’s on SCV. *strange*

Out of ideas … I did the most unlogical thing … I turned on the proxy for my Singnet 1500 ADSL … and here I am … everything is working perfectly now.

Only conclusion … Blogger must have made some changes to their editor toolbar … and for some reason Singnet is caching the older version partially which broke the entire set of codes.


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