I love Indian movie … I love Indian food … I love shopping at Mustafa … but fuck … I’m a bloody racist and I dun trust the snakes. I dun know if it’s just me or what, but somehow Indians around me can never be trusted. For a start, there was my first Indian friend back in ACS … best buddy, and it took me a really long time to realised that he is a lying stinking piece of shit. That guy can lie like xxxx xxxx xxxx (it means beyond words), I still remember very well that we had to use a tap recorder to give him absolutely no chance in changing his statements. We used to say … “What the difference between RXXX (his name) and a can of shit … the can”.

Then there medicament valtrex were those Indian shits that I send to detention during army days. I still remember one of them that was constantly on drugs that in the end his entire NS lasted more than 10 years becos he was going in and out of the barracks.

Then there were those Indian “Rocket Sciencetist” during the dot com days that’s armed with “picture perfect” resumes and expect you to wine and dine them just to get them to join your company.

And when you thought you have seen them all … the best is yet to be … now I have the mother of all Indian bullshitter in my company. This guys claims to know every possible big names out there. The who-is-who of the industry is either his best friend, buddy, neighbour, father, mother, blar blar blar …. and he’s ain’t shy to tell the whole world about it. But hey! He’s not smart enough to realise that people dun really believe him and is making a really good joke about him. So all the time he’s like, I know the Chief blar blar blar of XYZ Corporation, Chief blar blar blar of ABC owes me a big favour … yah yah yah … and he’s the big lying Indian Chief.

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