Certain Things Comes with Age (and Pain)

Certain Things Comes with Age (and Pain)

Bittergod … oh ni (yam) … sweet potato … food that I swear I wun eat when I was in mine 20s … now hitting 30s, these are delicacies to me. This is what ageing will do you.

Being objective, being detached from emotions, being logical … these is what life (and pain) will bring upon you.

Boss brought up the idea of selling off auctions since it’s getting us nowhere. I was delighted! It showed realisation and foresight. It made perfect business sense to me. We’re never going to fund 200 men to make it a better product than our competitors, not like the existing guys are doing a fantastic job, it make it all logical to cut our losses and focus on something else.

So there were the old guards, they didn’t take it too well. They buying valtrex mexico were defending it and saying that we should keep it even if we are not going to do anything about it. “just dun give it to them so easily” one said. Perfect example of how emotions break the weaker man. Though I’ve long realised that these guys are out of touch with the market, such demostration of weakness was just disappointing. What made it perfectly obvious … the division was btw the old guards and the new kids on the block. The longer you have been in it, the harder it is for one to see the light. For the NKOTB, it was a no brainer.

I understand that too well. Been there … done that … and I dun intend to make the same mistakes again.

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