Work Bitching

Work Bitching

Got out of work at 5pm, freaking bad day (who knows anyway) … just one of those days that I can’t get myself to do anything becos I dun see the point to. is like .. hey! why am I wasting my time? we have been here and done that week after week … and we are still here. what’s there to celebrate when you have an “A” performer finally improving from “E” to “D” … and dun tell me you’ re really proud of us … blar valtrex sale no prescription blar blar … that’s pure diplomatic crap. Yeah! I just so heartless. What? You expect me to have tears in my eyes while I hear you out?

And there are stupid people who decided to burn bridges even before we got over … so now here I am trying to play nice and do some damage control. Being righteous is tedious.

I heard Goggle is employing MD for all countries 🙂

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