Personal Banker Wannabe

Personal Banker Wannabe

Couple of weeks back when my elder sis was back in town she decided to find out more about this investment savings thingy that UOB was promoting … so we had a chat with the “Personal Banker” at the UOB branch here at Bukit Batok. My sis had some reservation about the interest rate structure and kinda commented on it … and this not too old “Personal Banker” went on with her very confident tone … “we have done our surveys, we know blar blar blar … if you talk to the professionals they will tell u the same thing … blar blar blar …”

In my mind I was thinking … this is the kind of personal banking expertise that they can offer , no doubt this is at a heartland area, but f*** they assume that people will just shut up if they tell u WE’RE THE PROFESSIONALS buy valtrex medication !!!! … yah …we’re supposed to be drop on our knees and go … “Wah! We’re not worthy …we will not question …. “

Then came the priceless moment when my sister handed the banker her namecard … “Oh … IMF ah … “

Anyway, why I’m writing about her today … the banker called me when I was driving home just now … she was trying to contact my sister and she had no idea how to make an IDD call … so I told her … use your IDD extension … like 001, 002 depending what your office is using … then the country code, area code then the number. And she went … “do you know what IDD are we using in the office huh?” … OMG! Jaw drop … how the hell am i suppose to know???

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