Bird Brain Parents

Bird Brain Parents

Got back from work, was just downstairs at the lobby checking mailbox when I heard this mother screaming at the top of her voice at her little girl (probably like primary 3). Gist of it it was that she was complaining about how heavy the girl’s school bag was and questioning why the girl insisted on bring this don’t know what thing. The little girl answered that her teacher wanted her to bring and submit it. I suppose it’s some super heavy textbook or what.

The bird brain mother kinda toned generic valtrex blue pill down when she notice that I was around but that didn’t stop her from scolding the girl when we were in the lift. Then came the best part … she told the little girl …. “If your teacher want you to bring it to school, ask your teacher to write me a letter! Girl ah! You hear me? Ask your teacher to write me a letter!”

And of course all this while the dead meat ear husband din say a single word … as though nothing was happening ….


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