Spent almost the entire day @ Fullerton yesterday for V-KOOL’s Roundtable 2005. A really fun crowd and the program was very well planned … the ladies from V-KOOL did a fantastic job. Felt that my presentation wasn’t quite what I hoped for … was really rushed … and basically most of the old people ain’t quite interested in techy stuff anyway.

The day ended with dinner at My Humble House @ Esplanade. Food wasn’t that fantistic but the decor was really nice. They had these super high back chairs that’s like 2m tall. Place kinda reminded me of Jia in Hong Kong. Heard it’s not cheap, probably easily go for more than $100 per head. Great company of friends and truly felt the passion of the people in the brand … kinda set me thinking buy valtrex online in usa about myself … lol.

Today was the opening of Globamatrix’s building @ Bukit Merah. Again lot’s of eating … food was pretty good … prepared by Pastamania … even had a go on Pastamania’s new beer. Yap! They are brewing their own beer! I thought it tasted more like Ale than beer actually.

At the end of the day … it’s nice to see that we are on their “friends list” and not business partners blar blar blar …. after working w them for 7-8 years … we have became great friends with quite a few of the bosses … for sure we have done something right 🙂

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