New Stuff to Keep Me Occupied

New Stuff to Keep Me Occupied

xbox … gotten my xbox from Starhub promotion … mod and added a 120GB HD!!!! Moved all my movies over … loving XBMC every min of it. now dun know what to do w the original 8GB that came w it.

DVD writer … Benq DW1620 Pro … set me back by $109 … still sitting in box, waiting to install. and also trying to figure out why I need a DVD writer?

World of Warcraft … $105 … couldn’t resist generic valtrex from india temptation from Jim … now waiting for server to come back online … of all days … first day playing zhun zhun is weekly maintainence day.

what’s next … planning for a good holiday … Shanghai? Hong Kong? Bangkok? Taiwan? Europe? shit … too much time … and I’m Loving It !!! Actually I can’t finish my work … arrggghhhh!

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  1. boss, i first day play also chun chun maintainence leh. LOL… fast level up leh, so that we all can go quest together~~~~ hee

  2. waaa WoW i also want !!!! but no $$$ 🙁

    oh go Taiwan lar before it become PRC ….if not like HK turn into SAR liao so boring…

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