Home Theatre Shopping

Home Theatre Shopping

Been thinking for the longest time to buy a DVD player (yes … I din even have one all this while) … so went on shopping today @ Suntec … went to Courts and saw this LG set that was going for $399 … I am definitely a “looker” more than a “speaker guy”, was going for small form factor above all … decided to test out the sound. The salesman played a R&B complidation CD … wah rao … it was super bad … so bad that for a min I was wondering if the song was a cover … I couldn’t valtrex buy online canada make out a single word from the lyrics. Tried the next track … J Lo sounded like Mia Lee … give up. At least the salesman was honest enough to tell me to forget about LG, they are just now sound system people.

went over to Harvey Norman … Whoopi! Sony 5.1 home theatre set going for $399 … original price $699 … tried out the sound … I was blown away … comes with a 5-disc changer, 108 watts per channel, 110-watt subwoofer … FANTASTIC!!! No brainer … this is gotto be my new toy.

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  1. GOLD MAN! gosh, damn cheap! great for a Sony products going at this price.. yummy doesnt them~~~

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