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I’m Gonna Faint

I’m Gonna Faint

Just minutes before the latest Sumatra earthquake, I was under the table hooking up my new broadband modem. When I was trying to get up, kinda miscalculated and knocked my head really hard against the bottom of the table. I had to quickly sit down and was screaming in pain. Next thing I felt everything was spining around me … I was thinking … oh shit … I’m gonna faint (but strange … while painful, i din think the knock did that much damage) . I screamed for my wife to come and hold me … she came valtrex order canada over and place her hand on my head … and I was like … “are you moving or am I moving?” After being assured that it wasn’t me …. I confidently declared that it must be the wind so strong that the buildilng is swaying slightly … C’mon possible rite esp when we are right at the top @ 24th floor? Hahahaha!

Well … mins later … it was in the news … I wan’t quite gonna faint … the wind ain’t that strong too … 8.5 richter scale earthquake @ Sumatra.

The Day I Met the Future of Web Hosting

The Day I Met the Future of Web Hosting

Snippets of various conversations …

The Businessman (a.k.a The Parrot)

Repeating after the Speaker
(with eyes closed + very satisfied look on the face) No one … no one will give you such a performance bond except us …. because we don’t believe in making money

Web Hosting Expert entered the room (this is the classic)
Who are you?

The Web Hosting Expert (also see here)

When asked where are his servers …
Err … somewhere in US … is it Dallas?

When asked how many racks has he got …
Err …

One rack? Half Rack?
Ah … yah yah yah

When asked what kind of bandwidth is he having …
Err … (look left … look right) … this one I not too sure because another guy is handling it.

When asked why he decided to do a web hosting business …
Err … because i like valtrex order online networking stuff

The Man … The Speaker

On performance bond again
No one … no one will give you such a performance bond except us …. we not only compensate your customers … we even compensate YOU in cash

The day he thought using the word clustering is cool …
I plan to cluster all the servers in different parts of the world (Confirmed! He knows shit about clustering)

On why clustering is important ….
We had a few server at The Planet … it was discovered that one of the server was hosting a Al Qaeda website planning to put a nuclear bomb somewhere … so the FBI confiscated all the servers and we lost everything. That’s why I believe clustering is important. (Holy cow … terrorism doesn’t get any more real than this)

Crossing the decade line again

Crossing the decade line again

In no more than 5 days … I will be crossing the decade line yet again … and hitting the MAN age of 30. Hopefully aunties at the food court will no longer call me “Xiao Di” from now on …. hahahaha

Anyway, fantastic years went by … definitely better ones to come. Gonna be making one of the biggest decision of my life in a couple of days is generic valtrex as effective as brand name time …. actually already decided, just need to “announce” it. The time is almost right now. So much uncertainty … but that’s the whole fun of it. Exciting !!!!

Leave everything to God … for I alone can not suceed with my own doings … My God WILL provide for all my needs.