New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution

Never actually did/believe in setting new year resolutions (always thought it’s too lame) … but now that I’m getting a little older (not mid-life crisis though), I’m gonna break tradition and do it for the first time.

For business

1. grow … grow episode12. This year’s plan will be to focus on product … to create sufficient exposure for the business. Dump some idiot clients … gain some quality ones.

2. diversify … episode12 will diversify and go start doing some other stuff. First new venture already on the way, so I’m gonna pray hard that it will work out. Don’t have to be earning millions … but just a small stable income for everyone will be good enough, most importantly it will be fun

3. diversify (II) … episode12 will start it’s creative arm by this year. My plan will be to get it up and running by middle 2005. It will happen. I know

For life

1. friends … realised friends are getting lesser by the day … everyone just drifted apart. I guess it’s pretty normal since everyone is starting family … working … working … but my goal is to make 12 new friends for 2005 … one per month … not too difficult I think. To be a little more generic for valtrex socialable … more outgoing …

2. travel … enjoy life while we still can … travel more … see more … first trip coming up soon to HK in Jan. Perhaps BKK for Feb. Hope the China trip in May will materialise. Also hope to make a trip to Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka) at least by this year. And start saving up for Europe by early next year.

3. let go … yes rather cliche … the recent Tsunami kinda made me realised how life can be unpredictable … so learn to let go … enjoy life … while we can. Appreciate what I have … and forget about crap stuff/people that upsets me and waste my time.

4. Younger … dress younger, look younger …

For Family

1. spend time together … love and be loved.

For Health

1. Gym … Gym … Gym. Lose the tummy!!!

2. Golf … to start learning golf.

For Spiritual Health

1. Go back to church … be it New Creation or Westley .. I just wanna go back somewhere and grow again with God

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