Email Gone: Went To Hell & Back (Alive)

Email Gone: Went To Hell & Back (Alive)

Almost died … after working for so many hours in a row for so many days … my reaction is a little slow. I was trying to empty my deleted mail folder in my Outlook … but accidentally moved my “Corporate” folder into the deleted folder. Before my mind could register the mistake, it went ahead to “process” the previous command and clicked “Empty Folder”. My corporate folder contained ALL my email correspondents with ALL my clients … I will die if I lose them.

After searching Google like mad … I found this ONE article and a few commercial get valtrex no prescription softwares …. not willing pay US$95 dollars for a recovery software, I decided to give what’s listed in the article a try … and IT WORKED !!!! The process was scary (involved using HEX editor to corrupt the PST file) … but it’s well worth it!!!

To help spread the word … in case the original article is removed someday … I’m reproducing the whole article here again … and I’m putting my head on it to testify that it works!!!!

Original article found here:

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