See You In Court

See You In Court

I recently sent an email to Traffic Police complaining about these malaysian tour coaches parking illegally downstairs while the passenger shop across the road @ Holland Village. It’s rather ridiculous as these full sized coaches are making this a regular thing, coming every few days. Everytime they will leave their engine running … damn noisy and smelly … jam up the whole place.

TP responded … they said that I will have to

1. provide them my NRIC

2. provide them the make and color of the vehicle (I actually generic valtrex overnight sent in pictures … hello … what make is the bus huh? Color lei? )

3. confirm if I’m willing to testify in court (if so I need to go record statement)

4. find independent witness

Quite sad, seems like if I’m not willing to testify, they can only send letter of advise to the driver and not actually fine them. This is all becoming a little too troublesome … arrrghhhh!!!

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