Not Everyone is Wishing For A White Christmas

Not Everyone is Wishing For A White Christmas

My eldest sis is back in town! We went by to Muthu’s Curry new multi-million restaurant for their famous curry fish head.

Food was alright and the decor is fantatistic! Open kitchen style … bright and cheerful.

In anticipation for Christmas, all the waiters were wearing a nice little red santa hat. It ‘s such a pity purchase generic valtrex online that I couldn’t get them to line up for a picture … their smile would have been brighter than Orchard road light-up!!!

Anyway, BIG highlight of the nite (luckily we’re not having it) … they are serving Tandoori Turkey!!! Super big and looked super dry …

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  1. actually hor…it’s not really open kitchen lar…they make the food display area a bit more classy…but yes…the naans are prepared out there “don’t stand on the curb”…everything else is like prepared already for you to view and choose…

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