Today’s Catch

Today’s Catch

First ever attempt at cooking live crabs!

Crabs were in high demand today, all sold out at Seng Siong @ Woodlands and Giant @ Turf Club. Had to make a special trip down to NTUC @ Coronation. Only medium size ones left going at $10.90 per kg. Bought 2, one is about 300+g and the other 400+ g.

Came back … first thing was go online and search google on how to kill them. Ha ha ha! Stupid ang mo websites say throw them valtrex generic alternative into boiling water is too painful … too much suffering …. one site suggested drowning them by putting in fresh water for 30mins. In the end, I did the “sleep mode” method and put them in the freezer for about 40 mins. Still alive when I took them out, but definitely not as angry compared to when I just met them.

Side dish was 1/2 kg prawn from Seng Siong. Steamed it with lots of chinese wine …

Shiok Shiok Shiok

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  1. Wah sheh~. i also want to eat leh.. e prawn looks good!!! next time i cook chilli crab, u cook pepper one. LOLX~ nice nice

  2. alamak come lar BLK269B restaurant got the above dishes without the hassle to cook it yourself… it comes with steam fish too 🙂 all for the price of 26.90 per person..

    While stock lust

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