New Toaster

New Toaster

We’ve been blessed with a new oven toaster (from my father-in-law). We dumped our old toaster after we found cockroach shit in it. It’s those pop-up toaster which make it impossible to wash the inside.

Nobody can be as excited as my wife. Over the long taking generic valtrex while pregnant weekend, the first day, she made herself some “pizza”, melting cheese with ham on toast. The next morning, she got even more creative and decided to make me some lovely breakfast.

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  1. salah lor…

    1. first dish was heart eggs
    2. second dish was potato pizza with cheese and bacon bits that haven expire k…next year then expire…i got check
    3. third dish was breaded scallop – never take pix
    4. fourth dish was pizza toast – no pix oso 😛

    all on one day…sunday 🙂

  2. WAH SEY, hungry leh… when Episode 12 staff have this priviledge to taste e eggs ah??? i wan eggs… thanks.~ not bad mah~

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