Motorshow 2004

Motorshow 2004

Spent some 3hrs @ the motorshow today. Had a good time. The 2 jokers with me were obviously more interested in the car babes then antyhing else. Everytime I turn around, they are already somewhere else, buy valtrex cream positioning themselves right in front of the model taking pictues.

I was the only “idiot” who is taking photo of the cars, everyone else got their lens ZOOM until NEAR NEAR on the car babe.

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  1. i am innocent!!!!!!!i taking car photo just that the car babe “happen” to be there mah

    sianz my phone cannot zoom.. zoom.. zoom.. so sad

  2. Doh, i took for the guy above this comment one leh… and for my housemate leisure. LOL, i paid leh! so must take gao gao, zoom near near, also mah, they willing to pose, then i willing to take. hahaha, they so Pro. Applause! Applause..~

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