iPod Justification

iPod Justification

1. I can have MP3 with me all the time.

2. With a FM Transmitter, I can play MP3 with my car stereo.

3. I no longer need to buy a USB thumb drive (which is usually ugly looking)

4. I can have my wedding pictures with me all the time (then I need a iPod Photo)

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  1. you purposely one right…talk about wedding pix then i will agree to the iPod…i tell you now u got into trouble liow…i also want!

  2. well, ipod makes life easy, makes your life more fun, especially when u travel overseas. Now, with ipod photo and long life batt, you can enjoy more time playing with your ipod…
    i am ipod user, and this is so far a recommended gadget in town for mp3 player choice.
    Wa la. boss, if u got one, then we can share experience. isnt that good? LOL…
    this is a very cool gadget. Yah. the I trip really can bring your music everywhere as long as you have a FM transmitter.
    i think i am going to get my sony ericsson mobile phone soon…. ten i will sell away my ipod and i will store my mp3 into e SE phone… hmm, still thiniking.. hmm

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