A Job Is Just A Job

A Job Is Just A Job

Some 60 years back, until a few years before I was born, my grandfather ran a rather successful trading business back in Hokkien Street. He had a handful of staff who helped to man the shops and the books. Most of them started working for my grandfather from their teens after coming to Singapore from China. They worked in the shop till the early 70s watching my father grow up, my grandfather passing away and the business closing later.

Fast forward till today … recently they attended my wedding dinner and also came by for a post wedding party @ my place. Now they are in the late 70s … one of them is even 87 years old.

What truely amazed me is how a job is so different for them then as compared to us today. They worked for my grandfather for decades, purchase valtrex dedicating their youth. They remain so loyal, even a good 30 years after the business closed. They still have so such respect for my father, my family …For me, I even have difficulty keeping staff for a year. It’s either I’m such a bad boss (which I don’t think so), or basically job loyalty has got a different definition totally these days.

In those days, to be given a job = a roof over their head = food to put on the table … is such a BIG thing … they remain grateful to you for their whole life. These days? Forget about unemployment rate, bad markets blar blar blar … if it’s time to move on … they will still move on … regardless how good you treat them. There is simply no loyalty … period.

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  1. Employee scared to be loyal to company as the world has shown that when company are not doing well they retrenched the staff and hence loyalty has since lost it value.

    on the other hand some Bosses don’t treat employee properly as they think there is no value in treating them good as they will leave them anyway.

    so i guess its just sad how Singapore have progress to this stage.. sad but its how the world spins….

    i am sure there are people who are loyal…

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