Google Is Gonna Rule (Half) The World

Google Is Gonna Rule (Half) The World

I seriously think Google is gonna takeover half the world from Microsoft. Within 3 days, I found 3 neat piece of software and I’m using it … everyday … enjoying every single min of it … and promoting it to everyone else. What’s so amazing about these softwares? It’s FREE … it’s really small to download … easy to use … and most important of all … It Works!

Picasa – Excellent photo managing tool. It’s Super Idiot Proof … I even got my Dad to use it since it was so difficult for him to pull his pics out from the his digicam previously.

Hello – To share photos online … works really well valtrex with no prescription with Picasa … I just got my dad to send me 165 pics … it was that EASY!!!

Blogger – This is what I’m using now …

And the beautiful thing is how all these work together … I manage my photo albums with Picasa … find something I wanna put online … send it to Hello … and Hello post it automatically to my blog over here. I’m a techie, usually I will want to know how things are done … but in this case … who cares … it works!

And there is GMail … GMail Drive … and good old Google Search … I’m convinced … those guys are up to something.

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