Monthly Archives: October 2004

Geek’s Agony

Geek’s Agony

I want to reformat my comp and swap my OS to my new 120GB (giant)…

I want to format all the comps in the office…

I want to kill my cable and get another ADSL a/c …

I want to get a dual WAN router and load balance 2 ADSL … then I will get 2x512kbps … WOW

I want to upgrade my Wifi to G …

I want to buy a G5 … but still not quite sure for what.

I want to buy a iPod … also dun know for what.

I want to setup a wireless generic valtrex less effective media centre to stream my MP3 …

At the mean time …

A new hp will be nice … cos I have got a nice number for my Starhub Green Card, it will be nice to use it … for what?

A new wardrobe will be delightful … I think the same old mess looks better with nicer storage

Google Is Gonna Rule (Half) The World

Google Is Gonna Rule (Half) The World

I seriously think Google is gonna takeover half the world from Microsoft. Within 3 days, I found 3 neat piece of software and I’m using it … everyday … enjoying every single min of it … and promoting it to everyone else. What’s so amazing about these softwares? It’s FREE … it’s really small to download … easy to use … and most important of all … It Works!

Picasa – Excellent photo managing tool. It’s Super Idiot Proof … I even got my Dad to use it since it was so difficult for him to pull his pics out from the his digicam previously.

Hello – To share photos online … works really well valtrex with no prescription with Picasa … I just got my dad to send me 165 pics … it was that EASY!!!

Blogger – This is what I’m using now …

And the beautiful thing is how all these work together … I manage my photo albums with Picasa … find something I wanna put online … send it to Hello … and Hello post it automatically to my blog over here. I’m a techie, usually I will want to know how things are done … but in this case … who cares … it works!

And there is GMail … GMail Drive … and good old Google Search … I’m convinced … those guys are up to something.

Spiderman is really hungry!

Spiderman is really hungry!

Haven’t feed my spider for a good 2 weeks … another casualty from my wedding preparation. Actually, the cleaning aunty is doing too good a job that I can hardly find any food for him.

Finally got around feeding him one of those long-legged spiders … small but juicy (I think). He’s so hungry that he couldn’t can u buy valtrex over the counter in canada hunt quite well … saw him did a few leaps and ended looking really frustrated and stupid. When he finally got it, he just simply took his dinner lying on his back!!! Shameless!

He must be one of my longest surving spider … coming to a good 2 months now?

I’m Married!

I’m Married!

It’s done! One week later, I’m still trying to “feel” the difference of being a married man. I’m sleeping normal … eating normal (slightly more) … talking normal. I’m sure there must be something more to it than having to remember to wear my ring. Noob! Anyway, I like the fact that now we’re a family business. Ha!

Done with my “Annual Report” and reported all the takings to the folks. It’s been a terribly generic valtrex pill description expensive wedding. $20K+ gone just like that … too bad I will only get to do it once, if not, I’m sure I can work in a surplus the next round.

Next task on the list … scan in all the photos … put up a nice site at